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Darren & Andy's YumYum Story

Darren's YumYum Story

Darren and the boys enjoying their food.

Before starting YumYum I was a chef in the beautiful Lake District in the North of England. My success in the kitchen was a surprise to anyone who knew me as young man leaving university still living on breakfast cereal and twice managing to set spaghetti on fire (Twice! If I can learn to cook - anyone can!).

Obviously I lacked any kind of natural ability in the kitchen yet still managed to become a solid professional chef in a number of incredibly busy kitchens. However my greatest enjoyment in the kitchen came not from cooking but from teaching the newbies who arrived fresh from catering college or often straight off the street with little knowledge of cooking or food in general.

I discovered a passion for teaching and my greatest enjoyment came from showing the rawest of new recruits that there was nothing to be scared of in the kitchen and that just a little bit of knowledge went a long, long way.

Cooking is waaay easier, far less complex and much more fun than TV chefs somehow make it look and here at YumYum Andy and I want to prove it. Kitchens are fun places where with just a few raw ingredients you can create mini-masterpieces that will astonish your family and have them begging for more.

Andy's YumYum Story

The first time I remember being interesting in what was happening in the kitchen was when my mother left me with Grandma for the day, and she was making bread. It fascinated me that these strange bags of ingredients could be transformed into delicious bread rolls.

Years later, and now at university, on the spur of the moment I suggested to my friends that we have a meal at my house. Almost instantly regretting it I got so worried that I did the one thing that no self respecting teenage boy would ever dream of doing – I phoned my mum to ask for help!

Her spaghetti Bolognese was the dish that sparked a whole new vein of creativity in the kitchen for me. The meal, I am glad to say, was a success, and I was soon experimenting (not always successfully) and inventing my own creations.

I have never been trained as a chef, nor taken any formal cooking lessons but I have a boundless enthusiasm for cooking and baking that means I love to try new things. I have my fair share of disasters in the kitchen and often get messier than my four year old daughter when she “helps”, but that is part of the fun and the challenge.

I like the kitchen to be a fun place, full of colour and laughter, a place where you might choose to spend time instead of slouched in front of the TV every day. Now I want everybody to have the chance to experience the same sort of delight and energy that I feel when I am told it’s my turn to cook!

Why YumYum?

Have you ever wanted to invite friends round to dinner but were afraid of being criticized about your cooking? Did you want to impress a loved one with a cosy, intimate meal for two, but felt that you couldn’t crack two eggs together to make an omelette?

YumYum is here to make cooking easier and the kitchen a fun place to be with great recipes, tips and of course awesome bright and beautiful utensils.