Cooking Tip: Peeling ginger can be easy – especially if you use a teaspoon instead of a knife. 0

Peeling ginger can be easy – especially if you use a teaspoon instead of a knife. The ginger can be scrapped away slowly instead of wastefully chopping away large chunks.

Cooking Tip: Bacon is not just for adding crunch. It adds flavor, for sure, but it does one thing more, it adds an appetizing aroma! 0

Bacon is not just for adding crunch. It adds flavor, for sure, but it does one thing more, it adds an appetizing aroma!

25 Terrific Cooking Tips from Jamie Oliver! 0

25 Terrific Cooking Tips from Jamie Oliver

 gathered and written by Jennifer Stitt

 Jamie Oliver rocks the culinary world with his advocacy for healthy recipes, and he has plenty of tips to share, too. We have gathered a list of those tips for you that are sure to make you a rock star in the kitchen, just like Jamie!

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When in doubt, cook from scratch. One of the most important life skills according to Jamie is to know how to cook from scratch to have complete control over what goes into your food. This method allows for the most creativity, too. It also helps with your diet.

Cooking should make a lifestyle change in your diet, too. The fresher the ingredients, the fewer preservatives, and additives it will have. Therefore, it balances out the diet to make sure all food groups receive the right amount of attention.

As Jamie says, “Eat the rainbow!” Cooking choices should not be locked into the same spectrum of ideas time and time again. As stated previously, imagination is the key to success in the kitchen, so being open-minded must also be required, too. Also, eating the rainbow of foods available allows for a wider variety of nutrients to be consumed as well, making sure the body and mind stay healthier.

Hot water and Skittles. 

Do not be afraid to cook new dishes, but be sure you know what you are eating first. Looking at a recipe closely is the key to success as it makes you familiar with the ingredients and the process being used. Also, looking ahead lets you know if substitutions need to be made due to dietary needs and restrictions.

Become a master at cooking breakfast. This meal is the most important one of the day, so the variety of recipes should be mostly stocked in this area first.

When it comes to cooking on a time crunch, using a slow cooker is the best idea. This machine’s practical set it and forgets it mindset allows for food to simmer all day while you are busy at work or other tasks. It allows for a wide variety of dishes to be made with ease, and it boasts fewer of those nasty preservatives and additives that some quick-cook and frozen meals contain.

When it comes to saving time at the grocery store, be sure to take the time to meal plan for a week in advance first. Recipes can be tracked from one week to make certain that variety is the spice of life in this instance, too.

Slow cookers are not just for planning meals on a daily or weekly basis. Nor is it strictly for its often the creation of leftovers. It is perfect for making party foods, especially around Super Bowl time.

My slow cooker

There is nothing more important than family time. Mealtime should be set aside as an important role in every house for the sake of maintaining family relationships. While this is difficult for busy families, it should still be mandatory for all family members to eat together at least a few times a week. Meal planning can help with mapping out what to eat and when for busy families.

Children should be expected to help out in the kitchen. Learning basic tasks like cutting skills and how to use measurements and the math involved with them early on entices children to learn how to cook and be imaginative throughout their entire lives.

Be sure always to have the right tools available at all times when making a meal. Be sure to gather tools and ingredients before beginning to cook to make the experience smooth sailing.

Understand that learning to cook comes in stages. Perfecting a simple dish does not automatically qualify a cook to be ready for complex recipes right away. Starting simple is always the key to learning in the kitchen.

Making a delicious curry is an easy task. The key to making it taste good is to use fresh curry leaves – or sweet neem leaves. Most internet stores sell them, and they can be frozen so that they can last a very long time, By starting from scratch here, the flavors can be developed more easily and can quickly become complex.

Delicious Curry

When looking for a quick meal, do not be afraid to go for chicken. It cooks quickly, especially the smaller it is chopped. Meals with finally chopped chicken can take only a few minutes to make with the right amount of prep.

Cooking rice can be tricky. Pour the rice into a pan and then add twice as much water with, as Jamie says, “A good pinch of salt.” The combination should be allowed to come to a boil before simmering until all of the water has been absorbed. There should not be a need for any of the water to be drained.

Seasoning food seems to cause a lot of confusion for some cooks, and more often than not, their food either ends up bland or over seasoned. Jamie equates seasoning food to wearing makeup. It should be done in just the right way. A good rule to keep in mind is that vegetables contain 90 percent water, which can make them bland. Therefore, seasonings need to be used. Salt is not the only thing to use. Herbs, citrus, and spices should be considered, too. Season food properly by tasting it along the way.

Peeling ginger should be easy – especially when a teaspoon is used instead of a knife. The ginger can be scrapped away slowly instead of in larger chunks that might cut into the meat of the root.

Bacon is not just meant for an added crunch into any dish. It adds flavor, for sure, but it does one thing more: it adds an appetizing aroma!

BAM! Look at that bacon sizzle

Oil should be poured freehand instead of into a measurement tool and then poured into a dish. Freehand pouring allows for the oil to flow and spread more naturally, and it also avoids losing oil on the sides of measurement tools.

To cut peppers and chilies easily, start by cutting them in half or quarters first. Then, these halves and quarters can be diced into smaller pieces from there. Be sure to keep a methodical, even slice with each pass of the knife.

Separating an egg can be difficult. However, it does not have to be. Place two small bowls on the work surface. Tap the egg sharply on the table to crack it open. Hold the egg dent side up over one of the bowls. Gently push the tips of your thumbs into the dent. Then, carefully take away the sides into two halves. Tip the yolkless half into the bowl before. Gently tip the yolk into the empty half, leaving as much white behind as possible until whatever is left of the yolkless portion can be tipped into the bowl. Transfer the yolk back and forth a couple of times between the shelf halves until all white is cleared from it. Do not crack or chip or break the shells. The yolk can be placed in the empty bowl, and the shell can be thrown away. Make certain to fish out any shell pieces that might have escaped into either of the bowls.

When making homemade burgers or other cuts of meat that will be handled, make certain your hands are always warm to avoid having raw meat sticking to your hands.

If one ingredient or another is not available, then replace it or ditch it altogether if it is not necessary. The dish will be great either way.

Anchovies are great in pasta dishes because they do not taste too strong. They are a very healthy food choice, so they should not be forgotten.

Instead of oiling or buttering pasta to keep it from sticking together, then just leave a little bit of water in the pot to keep them lubricated.








Cookoing Gifs: Prosciutto Egg Baskets 0

Prosciutto Egg Baskets

Prosciutto Egg Baskets

Gif Cooking Instructions 

Step 1: Prepare Gruyere & Thyme

Make 1 cup of grated gruyere
Make 1 tsp of chopped thyme

Step 2: Butter your baking tinSet up Ingredients in baking tin

Step 3: Set up Ingredients in baking tin

Add 12 slices of prosciutto
Add grated gruyere
12 eggs - add one to each basket
1/4 cup heavy cream

Step 4: Bake for 15 mins

Step 5: Enjoy

Cooking Gifs: One-Pot Salmon Chowder 0

One-Pot Salmon Chowder

One-Pot Salmon Chowder

Gif Cooking Instructions 

Begin cooking:

salt pork or bacon 1/2 pound
a little water to help render the fat
yellow onion celery


flour(2 tbsp)

Stir until clumps disappear

Add the following ingredients:

clam juice (1 cup)
(the simmering bottled clam juice adds great sea food flavor)
whole milk(4 cups)
potatoes(1 pound)
(use russets or yukon golds for great flavour and texture)
2 bay leaves
simmer until potatoes are completely tender

Add the following ingredients:

salmon pieces 3/4 to 1 pound
salt and pepper
simmer until salmon is barely cooked through takes roughly 3 mins
fresh dill


Cooking Gifs: Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds and Honey 0

Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds and Honey


Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Raisins, Almonds and Honey

Gif Cooking Instructions 

Stir and simmer the following for 1 1/2 hours

salt and pepper
lamb shoulder
cinnamon sticks

Add the following and Simmer for 30 mins:

ground cinnamon

Cook until thickened (15 mins)

Add to your cous cous and enjoy!



25 of Anthony Bourdain's Best Cooking/Life Tips 0

25 Best Cooking & Life Tips from Anthony Bourdain 

 gathered and written by Jennifer Stitt

We have compiled a list of cooking tips and philosophies by Anthony Bourdain to help you become the best cook you can.

Anthony Bourdain by the Peabody Awards cc2.0 https://www.flickr.com/photos/peabodyawards/14253364565/


When making the perfect burger, one of the things that should be considered first and above all is the meat going into the patty. It should be made from top quality beef in order to taste the best.


A burger is also only as good as the cheese that covers it. The chosen cheese should be soft and easy to melt for the best consistency to be achieved.


Finally, the house of the burger, the bun it sits on, needs to be considered, too. It should be soft but one that will not end up soggy. Potato buns are often a great choice for these very reasons.


Anthony believes there is a special essence to eating food. Some cultures, such as Italians, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese, also share this viewpoint that food should not be seen as something to bragged about. Instead, he says it should be seen “as something else that gives pleasure, like sex or music, or a good nap in the afternoon.” It should not be taken for granted, and it should be enjoyed as much as possible.


So Tasty So Yummy...And I am enjoying it like nothing...


He also believes there is an essential method to preparing for a dinner date, so it can be enjoyed the most. He claims that he goes all out when the meal comes because he believes it should be enjoyed thoroughly, mostly because he wants to enjoy the person he is spending time with. He says, “I choose this meal and this order, and I choose you, the person across from me, to share it with. There's a beautiful intimacy in a meal like that.”


At the same time, he believes something else by extension of his methodology on dinner dates. He claims that, “You learn a lot about someone when you share a meal together.” Not only do you learn a lot about their tastes in food, but you have the chance to learn people’s mannerisms. Most importantly, discussions that occur over a meal tend to be the most revealing about people in our culture. Coming to the dinner table has always been a corner stone for which conversations, deep and meaningful ones, take place.


As an extension of the previous thought on eating a meal with people, Anthony believes there is an important key to feeding people, too. He says, “ . . . it's a noble craft and a noble calling, 'cause you're doing something useful - you're feeding people, you're nurturing them, you're providing sustenance . . . ” In other words, to cook something for someone means you are giving them a gift from your heart, thus showing how much you care about them.


The most important thing to learn in cooking, first and foremost, is acquiring knife skills. Many teachers claim this should be done with an onion first because of its strength and the low cost. As far as knife skills go, Anthony believes a cook is nothing without them because it means not being able to accomplish anything in the kitchen. Having knife skills includes knowing how to handle the knife for different types of cuts and knowing how to take care of a knife in the best ways possible.


Indian onion chopping master


Anthony also believes there is a key in learning how to make the perfect omelet. While it is a simple dish, many things can be done to make it taste different each time it is made. It also teaches a lot of skills with the knife because of cutting up ingredients. Furthermore, it teaches the importance of the egg as the cornerstone of cooking because it is used as an ingredient in so many dishes.


People who want to know the basics of cooking need to understand how to roast a piece of meat without having to cut into it or without having to use a food thermometer. This technique teaches patience with food.


Likewise, people should know their way around the grill. Not only is this alternative a healthy one to other cooking methods, it opens up the world of cooking to a whole new variety of food options and pairings.


Cooking vegetables can be difficult. Whether it’s grilling, boiling, or stir-frying, a cook needs to be careful with vegetables. Anthony suggests going on the cautious side because by time a vegetable seems to be done to the untrained eye it is often overcooked.


Knowing where to shop for the best produce options is key to understand the basics of making good food. Basic skills in this area should be able to determine when something is in season and whether or not it is ripe or rotten.


Understanding how to make a good salad dressing, sauce, or dip means potentially saving a dish that does not otherwise seem like it goes together. Sometimes, simplicity is better in this department because the dressing accents the food instead of takes it over.

salad dressings

One key to survival is knowing how to fillet a fish. If you do not know how, then find a reliable fish monger to teach you how to do so, or simply pay them to do it for you.


As an added bonus, it would be a good idea to learn how to recognize a fresh fish. Well, the same can go for any type of meat, really. Fresh is best.


As with other types of seafood, knowing how to steam a lobster or a crab can mean having a change to really showing off your skills. Again, fresh is key here. Do not buy seafood that looks too dead when you buy it. As far as lobsters and crabs go, they should be rather lively indeed before they are brought to the steamer.


Making mashed potatoes is something many people struggle with. Avoid going for the box method. Learning to peel potatoes teaches knife skills, and learning to roast them teaches patience. Also, this dish teaches that simplicity in flavor is the key to a successful side dish.

Mashed potato

When dealing with meat of any kind, it’s a good thing to know what to do with the leftovers that are trimmed off and cannot be eaten. Mostly, the bones are the focus here. These ingredients may seem disgusting, but when paired with some water and light seasonings in a pot of water, they can make an awesome stock that can be used as the basis of many dishes.


According to Anthony, people commit steak murder on a frequent basis. This meat is not mean to be overly handled. It needs to be touched as little as possible in the cooking process.


The best way to serve a steak is actually medium rare. This method allows for the best tasting juices to be used.


Remember, steaks need time to rest. Therefore, pulling a steak shortly before it is done allows it to carry over cook to the perfect grade of doneness while it rests a moment. Allowing a steak to rest also means allowing a chance for the juices to settle into the meat again. Once more, no touching!


Anthony believes stews are a perfect dish to learn how to master at an early stage in your cooking experiences. It requires knowing how to make stock, how to handle meat, and knife skills with vegetables and how to cook them.


First, be sure to precook the meat so it has enough time to be thoroughly cooked through by the time the dish is finished.


If grease and oils build up on top of the stew, do not try to mix all of them back in. Skim them off the top. Mixing some back in can be helpful, but the fat mostly is not useable.




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