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Easy Glide Kitchen Knife Set with DualGrip Handles... Enjoy your kitchen again! 0

Is Cooking Not Enjoyable Anymore?
Is All The Preparation Taking the Fun Out Of It?

Enjoy Cooking Again with New Easy Glide Kitchen Knives.

The ONLY knives that combine NEW Easy Glide Non-Stick Blades and DualGrip Handles that together make cutting and chopping a breeze.

colored kitchen knife set close up in box

Save time and money and love your Kitchen again with the easiest knives you will ever use!

  • Incredibly sharp! And keeps that incredible stainless steel edge.
  • Slide easily through veggies with the Easy Glide non-stick coating.
  • Ergonomic design puts pressure into the blade not your wrists.
  • Incredibly easy on the joints because of the DualGrip thumb and finger pressure areas.
  • Textured, DualGrip ergonomic handles provide a strong grip.
  • Safe, non-slip grip even when wet.
  • Simple to clean with non-stick coating.
  • BPA Free, LFGB Approved and FDA compliant.
  • Attractive gift box with felt inlay.

Knives Included: 8inch chef’s, 8″ bread, 8″ carving, 7″ Santoku , 5″ utility, 3.5″ paring.

Oh my gosh the YumYum Utensil knife set is beautiful.” Jennifer Barron (Amazon Reviewer)

Easy Glide Kitchen Knife Set, 6 Modern DualGrip Knives

An exceptional set of knives, that slice and dice effortlessly.” Kristen (Amazon Reviewer)

Colored kitchen Knife Set


You’ll save time because of the Easy Glide Blades and Stay-Sharp Edges.
Easy Glide blades have a remarkable new non stick coating that allows them to glide easily through even the thickest foods.
Exceptionally sharp stainless steel edges, that are made to stay sharp, your first touch with the blade will cut easily into anything.
Feel like a top culinary chef as every chop, slice and cut will be the quickest, easiest and most comfortable you’ve ever had. Suddenly, preparing family meals got a whole lot quicker.

…the blades slid effortlessly through the foods” Kris (Amazon Reviewer)

They have a non-stick coating to make slicing virtually effortless and this is coming for a person that occasionally has pain while slicing up food from arthritis” Babs (Amazon Reviewer)


Preparing food just got a whole lot of easier because of the new DualGrip handles.
The DualGrip handles are true ergonomic, curved handles with a gorgeous two tone design, the vivid color of the handles sweeps beautifully into the blade.
Thumb and finger pressure areas are made with a yielding and responsive rubber making them incredibly comfortable and secure in your hands even when wet.
Your hands and wrists will no longer take the strain of chopping as all the pressure goes into the blade ensuring you cut with a professional and graceful ease.
Enjoy preparing food as much as your family will love savouring every delicious mouthful, We guarantee these are the most comfortable knives you will ever use or your Money-Back!

My aunt asked if she could try them out. She has severe carpal tunnel and they are perfect for her hands. She had no pain while using them. And no trouble at all holding on to them, as her hands are very weak at times.” MilitaryWife102 (Amazon Reviewer)

Benefits of Modern Kitchen Knife Set


Because of the thick Easy Glide Blade and sturdy, durable DualGrip handle you can save money with lasting quality.
Force applied via the handle goes into the blade making cutting easier and means the knives last much, much longer than similar knife sets.
The sturdy Easy Glide blade’s non-stick coating makes cleaning up a breeze, just wipe with a soapy cloth.
This incredible, lasting quality means we can include a 10 Year Guarantee with absolute confidence.

Highly recommend if you are looking for a high end knife for a great price.” Erin Olson (Amazon Reviewer)


Put your knives to great use with this lovely eBook; ‘Easy Roasts for Busy Cooks – Over 50 Delicious Roasts’. It’ll be emailed to you shortly after your purchase.

Free eBook only with YumYum 'Easy Roasts for Busy Cooks - Over 50 Delicious Roasts'


Strong Easy Glide blades and sturdy DualGrip handles transfer pressure smoothly to the blade, meaning the handle takes less strain, lasting much longer.
The Easy Glide knife set is the only knife set you need to make cooking, easy, quick and enjoyable again.
Lasting Quality backed by a no-quibble 10 YEAR GUARANTEE!


Order your Easy Glide Knife set today and start enjoying cooking again!

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Colored modern kitchen knife set

Find out more about how to care for your new knives and the materials used to make them.

But what about blade guards?

Unfortunately we do not sell blade guards but we can recommend a universal blade guard set by Mundial which fits this knife set.

Click here to see Mundial blade guards on Amazon