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Fantastic Five Spice Short Ribs - simply wonderful

Five-Spice Short Ribs

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Gif Cooking Instructions

Step 1

  • Take short ribs
  • Generously add salt and pepper
  • Let them sit for 30 minutes
  • Add flour

Step 2

  • Add vegetable oil to a pot and get the pot nice and hot
  • Sear the ribs and remove them.

Step 3

  • In the simmering vegetable oil and rib juices add:
  • tomato paste
  • five spices
  • nice red wine
  • onions
  • beef stock
  • parsnips
  • carrots
  • (root veggies of your choice really - recipes are for playing with!)
  • garlic
  • cilantro roots
  • bay leaves

Step 4

  • Put the ribs back in and braise for about 2 hours with lid on, then pop the lid off and braise for 30-60 minutes more.
  • Take out the ribs.
  • Strain the liquid and reduce.

Step 5

  • Make a puree out of the carrots and parsnips.

Step 6

  • Bring it all together.