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One-Pot Salmon Chowder

One-Pot Salmon Chowder

Gif Cooking Instructions 

Begin cooking:

salt pork or bacon 1/2 pound
a little water to help render the fat
yellow onion celery


flour(2 tbsp)

Stir until clumps disappear

Add the following ingredients:

clam juice (1 cup)
(the simmering bottled clam juice adds great sea food flavor)
whole milk(4 cups)
potatoes(1 pound)
(use russets or yukon golds for great flavour and texture)
2 bay leaves
simmer until potatoes are completely tender

Add the following ingredients:

salmon pieces 3/4 to 1 pound
salt and pepper
simmer until salmon is barely cooked through takes roughly 3 mins
fresh dill