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25 Alton Brown Cooking Tips

 gathered and written by Jennifer Stitt

We have assembled a list of cooking tips and “Good Eats” by Alton Brown that will make your eats taste all the better.

Alton Brown by Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0
Larry D. Moore CC BY-SA 3.0

1. Trying to dice up an avocado can be rather difficult. It might slip all over the place, no matter how hard you try to maintain hold on the rounded edges. A potato masher can double as the perfect way to cube up avocados quickly and easily in this case, thus minimizing the fight to hold it still and cut at the same time.

2. When it comes to having burnt, stuck on bits at the bottom of a pan, do not try to get rid of them through cleaning. Instead, turn them into a base for a sauce or a glaze. Simply add stock, juices, or wine of choice.

3. Cooking bacon to the right amount of crispness can be rather difficult. It either ends up burnt to a crisp or too floppy and undercooked. For the best bacon, a waffle iron offers the perfect way to make crispy bacon without burning it because of the waffle iron’s structure. It also adds a nice wave to the bacon’s shape which makes it easier to stay on sandwiches.


4. Grinding spices can be a pain. Using a handheld grinder takes even more time and patience. Dedicating a coffee grinder to this purpose can actually save you time and energy.

5. Cutting through hard squash is a struggle. However, using a mallet to tap a butcher’s knife down through it vertically is the perfect way to start the process for the initial cut. It also allows for the most safety, too, as the cut is controlled.

6. The liquid part of sangria causes fruit to float to the top of the glass, so the fruit’s juices are often unevenly distributed through the drink. To fix this dilemma, simply place ice on top of the fruit to hold it down further in the glass before pouring the liquid in to join the party.

7. Cook asparagus in a make-shift tin foil pan to avoid the heads from burning. Just make sure the part around the heads covers them a little. This will cause a steaming process to happen instead of strictly a baking process, thus preventing the heads from becoming burnt.

8. Some of the best burgers do not have to be grilled. Many people would rather grill their burgers than fry them because of the health differences. However, for once and for the sake of taste, try frying one in shortening instead for a slightly juicier taste.



9. Instead of chopping garlic by hand, slice them up in an egg slicer. The slices will be even, and it will save you from the risk of cutting your fingers.

10. Transporting warm dishes can be annoying, especially when attempting to keep the food inside the dish warm without having to reheat it. A good tactic is to use a heating pad under the dish to keep it warm.

11. Fry chicken in a cast iron skillet for the best results. The skillet holds flavors over time, so it can impart a variety of spices and seasonings, so long as the skillet is cared for correctly.

12. Also, try pan-frying a whole chicken instead of roasting it or baking it to achieve a similar result to fried chicken.

13. If you want to grill a whole chicken and the weather is cold, try using a Panini press. It will have a similar effect to grilling it on an actual grill.

14. To make brownies become more like fudge in consistency, raise the oven temperature half way through the baking process.



15. Try popping popcorn the old fashion way for a better result and to have more control over tastes like the amount of salt and butter.

16. Be sure to sit down and read a recipe through thoroughly the first time you try to use it. Use those critical reading skills to make sure you do not miss anything!

17. If you want to change up the texture of your macaroni and cheese to a custard-like consistency, simply add an egg to the recipe.

18. Potatoes that are cut into more triangular shapes as opposed to cubes boil more evenly and are easier to mash.

19. Listening to relaxing music in the kitchen while you work can make the cooking process more harmonious and enjoyable. It helps to place a little more love into your cooking.



20. To properly vent pies while they are baking, use a pie bird to help with releasing steam. This technique will make sure your pie crust stays crisp.

21. Add mayonnaise to scrambled eggs to enhance the foundational emulsion of the eggs with another emulsifier, the mayo, thereby resulting in something "creamier than egg, or even egg and dairy alone, can produce.”

22. In order to keep a thermometer affixed to the side of a pot or a pan, employ the use of a binder clip to hold it in place. This can also be used on foil packets on pans in the oven.

23. To easily apply oil evenly to a grill grade, take a tea towel and roll it up. Then, spray one side with oil liberally. This roll can be picked up by tongs and rubbed over grill lines rather easily at the beginning of grilling and between foods being switched out on the grill.

24. To make sure your lemonade has a “great depth of flavor,” start the mix off with preserved lemons first. Turn the preserved lemons into a simple syrup, then add lemon juice into full incorporated. Finally, top off the drink with soda water.

25. To make by far the best, crispiest chicken wings, steam them for ten minutes before throwing them into an oven set at 425 degrees F for 30 minutes. Be sure to toss them in a glaze about two-thirds of the way through to give flavors time to absorb during the cooking process.




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