25 Gordon Ramsay Cooking Tips


25 of Gordon Ramsay's Top Tips

25 of the Best Gordon Ramsay Cooking Tips

After a little research, we've gathered 25 of Gordon Ramsay's best cooking tips for you to enjoy and there are some great ones! Enjoy!

1. Rather than using spaghetti try using conchiglie, penne or fusilli instead. They create more flavor with every mouthful as they hold more of your delicious sauce.

2. Always cook pasta in water with a pinch of salt and make sure the water is on a low rolling boil during cooking.

3. Experiment using polenta instead of pasta. When cooking polenta use equal measures of milk and water. After bringing to the boil cook for just 1 minute, then stir in parmesan, butter and season.

4. Marinade chicken breasts overnight in olive oil, lemon juice, chopped basil, oregano and garlic for a more rich and layered flavor.

5. When cooking for lots of people always remember to delegate. You don't need to do it all yourself, good chefs need to be able to delegate well.

6. You don't always need to add lots of salt to get the best flavor from your vegetables, add lemon or lime juice and a little zest instead. Added flavor with none of the health worries.

7. Instead of using oil, use honey with marinades. It's a natural thickening agent and adds a delicious sweetness.

8. Butterfly shrimp to cook them in half the time. They are less likely to go rubbery and will take on the flavors you're adding much more readily.

9. Pepper mills do much more than most people realise. Tighten the top screw for fine pepper, which is perfect for soups and sauces. Loosen the screw off a bit so it's set somewhere in the middle and use that pepper for your more general seasoning. Really loosen the screw and make coarse pepper which you'll find best for steak and fish.

10. To easily take the skin off a single clove of garlic, squash it with the back of your knife and ease it off. To do the same for a whole bulb, squash it, place in a container and shake vigorously for a few seconds, then just pick out the cloves.

11. Always get your pans and ovens on and up to temperature early so they're ready when you need them.

12. A great tip for a clean and tidy cooking and preparation area is to have a bowl close by to use for your waste bits and pieces. If you are already a tidy chef it saves on running to the bin every few minutes.

13. Salt should never be added to eggs before cooking, always add it at the end. Why? Because it will dull their color and ruin the texture.

14. Always take your meat out of the fridge well before you cook. It should be at room temperature when you begin the cooking process, cold meat has tight muscle fibres. Letting it get to room temperature relaxes the fibres and will result in a much more tender mouthful.

15. Always rest your meat after cooking. The fibres tighten during the cooking process. Allowing your meat to rest will relax the fibres and allow the juices to flow throughout the meat ensuring it's tender when time to eat.

16. Basil is a soft herb and chopping it too aggressively will result in most of the flavor being left on the chopping board. To make sure that doesn't happen take your leaves and add them flat on top of each with the largest at the bottom. When you've got about 5 together, roll them like a cigar and chop them using a good sharp knife. Use a nice rolling knife method (chiffonade) to ensure the least damage.

You can find a good demonstration of chiffonade here: 

17. Chop herbs - don't hack at them. You can easily see if you've gone at them too wildly as they'll leave behind a large green patch. If you see that, make a note to be more gentle next time.

18. Need to quickly ripen fruit? Pop your unripe fruit in a paper bag along with a banana and place it in a dark place. Your banana will speed up the process nicely but remember it will do that to fruit you don't want to over ripen so always keep bananas away from your other fruit. That's why banana hooks were invented!

19. To cut mangoes up easily chop them into two parts either side of the stone then on the inside of each mango cut down to just above the skin in lines top to bottom then left to right. You'll have nice squared cuts that will pop up cubes of mango when you turn it inside out. Then just cut off the cubes of mango.

20. Sore chilli fingers? If you've got hot fingers from working with chillies squeeze some lemon juice on there to quickly get rid of that heat.

21. Always start cooking potatoes in cold water, never boiling water. That'll stop the outsides of your potatoes falling apart before the inside is cooked.

22. Get the most out of kiwi fruits by chopping them in half and then simply scooping the insides out with a tea spoon.

23. Avoid getting bell pepper seeds and pulp all over your chopping board and in your food by chopping the stem off and then placing your pepper stem down on the board and slicing off each side of the pepper. This way you get all the good stuff and none of the bad.

24. Is your pineapple ripe? Pull out a leaf. Can't pull out a leaf? It's not ripe yet.

25. Scoring your meat or fish allows them to cook more quickly and allows any marinade you are using to be absorbed more efficiently giving you tastier food.



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