Easy Grip Silicone Kitchen Tongs - Set of 2 (12" and 9")


Easy Grip Silicone Kitchen Tongs
Easy Squeeze With Maximum Grip

Have you ruined stunning food because of tongs without grip?

Would you like premium quality tongs that make holding even the heaviest foods easy while providing long-lasting quality?
If so Easy Grip Silicone Kitchen Tongs are certain to work for you!

Silicone Kitchen Tongs


Many tongs ruin your food by forcing you to squeeze too hard. Discover new Easy Grip silicone tongs, a 3 step improvement on other tongs.


  1. Triple lines of waved silicone grip on each tip hold even the most slippery food easily and securely in place.
  2. A highly responsive spring means a gentle squeeze offers a firm grip.
  3. Indented silicone on the handles guarantees you naturally apply pressure where it is needed.

I absolutely love these tongs! I had a pair of silicone tongs that I didn’t really care for because they had no grips to them. These have the perfect grips! No food sliding out. Silicone is known for being slick so you absolutely have to have grips!” tracy a. (amazon reviewer)

Triple lines of waved silicone grip.


Amazing new Easy Grip silicone tips will hold your food securely in place while a precise spring and finger indents means you can do it with a minimum of pressure.
Premium silicone and securefix tips gives you easy clean up and dishwasher safe tongs.
Protect your tasty meals and keep them looking great with tongs that won’t squash or drop your food, getting beautiful food to the plate just got a whole lot easier.

I loved that the handles stayed cool and the silicone provides a good grip on them even when my hands were greasy.” M.T.C (amazon reviewer)


An easy glide lock keeps the tongs shut when storing.
The silicone ring at the top of the tongs allows for hanging these attractive tongs on display.
You no longer need to battle in your kitchen drawer to untangle the tongs just when you need them most.

But hands down my favorite feature of these tongs is the closing mechanism. Most tongs I have used have the little metal piece you slide down to keep them in place – these you pull the little circle piece up and down to release the tongs or make them closed for storage.” Matthew Newman (amazon reviewer)

Easy grip silicone kitchen tongs


This 2 tongs set comes in a bright and attractive orange.
Silicone on the handles enhances the look and means no hot metal burns for you.
The 9 inch, small tongs work perfectly for salads and gently lifting tasty but delicate, delicious smelling fish.
Larger 12 inch tongs for reaching into ovens safely, and holding succulent roast meats for carving at your next family get together.

They are great to use to securely grasp food but they do not damage lettuce or gouge holes into meat like the typical metal ones do.” AmandaGayle (amazon reviewer)


Make the most of your tongs with YumYum’s unique bonus ebook ‘Marinades in Minutes’. It contains over 50 mouthwatering marinade recipes.
We’ll email you a link shortly after purchase.

marinades in minutes bonus ebook


  • Save money with easily the longest lasting tongs you’ll ever own.
  • 1 inch brushed stainless steel.
  • Premium silicone for use up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • BPA Free and FDA approved.
  • Easy Grip and Securefixed tips.
  • Highly responsive spring.
  • Ergonomically designed for ease of use.

… the best quality tongs I’ve ever seen.” cheedem (amazon reviewer)

Your new favorite kitchen tongs or your money back!

Easy Grip tongs are currently available for shipping at an introductory price ending soon.

CLICK HERE to order your Easy Grip Kitchen Tongs from the store today and start making your kitchen life an easier life.

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