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10 Valentine Pancake Recipes 0

Heart shaped pancakes by Gaby Kaminsky cc2.0

Heart shaped pancakes by Gaby Kaminsky cc2.0

Here are 10 of the loveliest and tastiest pancake recipes that celebrate being woken up on Valentines Day by a loved one – with breakfast (love doesn’t get any better than that!)

    1. Red Velvet Pancakes by

“Red Velvet Heart Shaped Pancakes will add little extra touch of love to start your, or your loved one’s day off right.”

    1. Ombre Pancakes for Valentine’s Day by

“A fun and sweet way to make breakfast”

    1. Love pancakes for breakfast in bed by

“Serve these fluffy buttermilk “love pancakes” to your loved one for a special occasion. These are a perfect surprise for Valentine’s Day, or any day!”

    1. Pitter Pat Pancakes by

“Pour some batter in a squeeze bottle and trace a heart shape. Fill it in quickly.”

    1. Red Velvet Pancakes for Valentine’s Day by

“These red velvet pancakes are surprisingly simple and super festive.”

    1. Valentine’s Pancakes by

“Why eat round pancakes when you could eat heart ones? Hence the need for Valentine Pancakes!”

    1. Heart Shaped Pancakes–Easy Valentine Pancake Tutorial by

“All you need to make heart shaped pancakes are two empty squeeze bottles, a pan, and your favorite mix.”

    1. Lacy Heart by

“This is a cute breakfast idea for just about every Holiday, but especially Valentine’s Day!”

    1. Heart-Shaped Chocolate Chip Banana Pancakes by

“This is pure love on a plate folks…”

    1. Tutorial: Heart Pancake Molds from Tinfoil by

Here’s how to make some tinfoil love heart molds.