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Fast & Simple Appetizer: Crab Rangoon Crescent Cups 0

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Today's Appetizer of the Day:
Crab, Cheese and Worcestershire Sauce - Yes!



How long will this take me?

Prep time? That will be just ... 18 mins

Cooking time? This is going to take you just ... 12 mins

Prep and cook time in total? A yumscious ... 30 mins

What do you need to make this act of deliciousness?

You will need to get your lovely hands on these yum-making ingredients ... 

  1. 1 package Pillsbury Crescent rolls (regular size)
  2. cream cheese
  3. mayonnaise
  4. lemon juice
  5. Worcestershire sauce
  6. green onion
  7. 1 can (6oz) crab meat
  8. 1 clove garlic
  9. mozzarella cheese


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One-pan prawn & tomato curry 0

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Today's Main Dish of the Day:
If you only choose one-pan prawn tomato curry this month - make sure it's this one!



Made from scratch? How much time is this going to take?

Prep time? That is going to be just ... 10 mins

Cooking time? Well, that will be ... 20 mins

Prep and cook time in total? A comfortable and enjoyable ... 30 mins

What are going to need?

You will need to get your hands on these yum-making ingredients (there looks a lot but it's a super-simple curry to make from scratch) ... 

  1. sunflower oil
  2. onion
  3. ginger
  4. garlic cloves
  5. red chilli
  6. golden caster sugar
  7. black mustard seeds
  8. ground cumin
  9. ground coriander
  10. turmeric
  11. garam masala
  12. malt vinegar
  13. can chopped tomato
  14. raw king prawns
  15. oriander
  16. basmati rice, yogurt, mango chutney and Carrot & cumin salad, to serve


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