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Don't use the wrong tool for the job!


Stop Ruining Mealtimes with Kitchen Tongs that Squash your Food.
Many kitchen tongs available today are scalloped-shaped and their odd design squashes, indents and cuts into your food.

Wrong tool for the job?


YumYum Utensils' new 2-pack of flat, easy-grip kitchen tongs ensures perfect food from pan to plate every time.

Ranked number 2 in 2016

"... Amazing value with a set of 2 tongs for the price of one." 
Top 10 Food Tongs of 2016

3 waves of silicone grip

"Items are unique in that the surface touching what you are picking up is flat so it will not indent or leave marks on it compared to other tongs with a scallop edge."

Even the most delicate foods are easy to pick up


"These are the best. I love the straight edge. So much easier to use."

even heavy items are a breeze


"I have a hard time squeezing things because my hands hurt and feels like my hands get weak when using them. With these tongs, I can pick up a single strand of spaghetti with out it hurting my hand squeezing them."

Gentle on hands and wrists


"The tension matters and these are great ... not too much and not too little."

comfortable ergonomic handles

"The handy pull tap at the back is great for closing the tongs for storage and/or opening them easily. Love these tongs!"

Keep your drawers tidy

"The smaller one makes perfect salad tongs. The longer ones are just what you want for keeping your distance when cooking items especially when grilling."
Benny's Girl

two tongs in the set

"I have been cooking for close to 50 years and I must admit these are the best looking and performing kitchen tongs I have ever used."
Review DIVA

No More Scratched Pans - Ever!

We carefully ensure we only use 100% FDA approved and BPA free silicone in all our products.

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