How to use Egg Rings to Make Perfect Fried Eggs Every Time


How to use Silicone Egg Rings for Cooking the Perfect Egg

Silicone Egg Ring Set of 3 Green

Want to know how to cook eggs like McDonalds?

Egg mcmuffin, a sandwich that looks simple but is devilishly difficult to make... until now. With silicone egg rings you can make the tricky look easy and you can learn here how to cook a round egg for your sandwich at home.

Follow the video below for the most important points when using these silicone circles for cooking and scroll down for more help in achieving the perfect round fried egg.

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How to use an egg ring to fry an egg in oil

#1 Most Important Thing - Get Your Pan Hot!

Before going through the steps one by one I think it's best to tell you the number one reason for an egg ring fail; the pan and the oil just not being hot enough.

The heat should be high to medium-high and the egg should always sizzle when added - if it doesn't you didn't have the heat up high enough and because the eggs stays liquid for longer there's more chance of it gradually seeping out from underneath - this can't happen if the bottom of the egg turns from liquid to solid as it quickly cooks almost as soon as it hits the pan.
Mrs YumYum "How to use egg rings? Get the pan and the oil hot!"

Step 1: Frying eggs with olive oil

Add some olive oil to your pan and get your pan and the oil nice and hot. Add the egg ring to the pan and give it a quick swirl to give it a light coating of oil. Oil conducts heat waaay better than silicone so if you want that egg sealing nicely a bit of oil goes a long way.
You can use other oils, water or a knob of butter too but it's easiest with oil to start with.We believe extra virgin olive oil is the best oil to cook eggs because it has a high smoking point, seals the flavor in well and it's much better nutritionally than other oils or butter. You can find out more on the Jamie Oliver blog.

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Step 2: How hot to fry an egg? Real hot!

Once the egg ring is in the pan turn up the heat and really get the oil good and hot. Wait for the oil to shimmer before adding the egg - your egg should sizzle heartily when it hits the pan otherwise it's going to slowly seep under the ring. If your egg is sizzling it's cooking and that means it's turning from liquid to solid and unable to work its way under the egg mold.

The number one cause of egg ring seepage in the U.S. today is only medium heated pans! (a bit overly dramatic, but you get the idea.)

Master YumYum  "Keep it Hot!"

Step 3: ... and keep it hot to fry an egg!

Give it another 20 or 30 second on a high heat so that you can be sure the base of the egg has started cooking. The solidified base of the egg will keep the rest of the egg in the ring - it's sealed itself in.
Then, at last, you can turn the heat down to medium or even medium-low to allow the egg to continue cooking without burning the bottom.

Step 4: Is your egg cooked? Give it a waggle!

Not sure if your egg is cooked or not? Try giving the handle on the side a little waggle. If it's cooked you'll feel the ring begin to pull away, just carry on and take that ring off.

Grandad YumYum "Lower the heat when the egg is sealed"

Step 5: How do you like them cooked? And basting an egg.

If you like them sunny side up, give the egg a light basting with the olive oil from the pan to be sure the top is cooked, add salt and pepper and pop it on your plate.
Basting is just spooning some of the oil or juices an ingredient is being cooked in over that same ingredient. It's commonly used when cooking chickens or turkeys but works great for just finishing off the not-quite cooked top of the egg. You can find out a little more about basting here.

For over easy, season the egg then flip using your spatula/weapon of choice, then give it a little cooking on the other side. How long depends on how cooked you like the yolk but counting to ten before removing your over easy egg from the pan is a well-tried technique. You can find out more about cooking a lovely over easy egg here.

Mr YumYum "Breakfast is Served"


Quick Tips for your Circle Egg Cooker

What's the #1 tip? 
Get the pan and your oil hot!

How to stop the egg seeping out? 
Get the pan, olive oil & silicone mold hot before dropping your egg.

How to avoid the egg sticking to the egg ring?
Get the pan & ring hot before dropping your egg - that way the egg cooks itself quickly rather than slowly cooking and sealing to the egg ring.

Does the pan make a difference?
Old pans gradually warp, sometimes this can cause seepage but nearly always it's because the pan and the oil wasn't hot enough. However if you think your pan may be the problem you can test it before using it by adding water to it on a flat surface and seeing where the water sits.

What if I try an egg ring from YumYum and decide it's not for me?
If you decide you don't like any YumYum product, for whatever reason, we always offer a no-quibble guarantee - just hit the enquiries button at the top of the page and let us know. We'll always treat you as we'd like to be treated ourselves and we like to be pampered.

Can I use the silicone egg rings in the microwave?
Previously you couldn't because of the metal handels however we've altered the design and made the handles easy to pop on an off again so you can take the handles off and then you are free to use them in the microwave. I've made a short video to show you how easy it is ...

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Got any great tips you'd like to pass on?

Be an eggducated eggducator and let the community know by commenting below...

Where to buy egg rings?

Wondering where to buy your egg rings from? You can visit our store and buy Silicone Non-Stick Egg Rings or get them from or

Silicone Egg Ring Set of 3 Green
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